A boss fight with just one button.


Tap Space to jump

Hold Space to crouch

Tap Space while in the air to create a shock wave

Hold Space until fully charged, then release to attack

Music by Hayley Curran

Twitter: @anothrorchestra 

Games: hayleycurran.itch.io

Music: soundcloud.com/shapesh1ft

Coding and design by Shigatosis


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The tutorial is kind of built into the game too.
I learnt the barrier without teaching because the game guided me to want to crouch in midair.

Voila! Barriers

If you had one good designer this game would be perfect!

Really nice flow and ideia! Good job!

Thanks! What aspect of the design do you think needs the most improvement?

The basic shapes haha...

I imagine that with a warrior and an epic enemy. it would be awesome. But its fine hahaah

Got it, might add some actual sprites in later when I have the time. Thanks for the feedback!

nah i like the abstract sprites, plus (s)he put lots of time into animating that one basic shape. no complains at all at the art


Pretty clever controlscheme. Really liked it ^^

Thank you!