A and D to move left and right

J to shoot

Made in 48 hours for the Extra Credits Game Jam 2018!


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10/10 indeed

well made increment of difficulty and nice usage of limited graphical assets (off-screen bullets with a warning)

Nice little shooter game

Thank you! I was worried that the difficulty may have been too high, so I really appreciate the feedback.


the difficulty was indeed a tiny bit too much for a beginner, 
but I have played this game's progress report so I sit tighter than i would have :)

but it'll be fine after 1 or 2 tries~ just relax


Very well done... I would really like to be able to move up and down though...

Yeah, in hindsight that is probably something I should have considered implementing. Thanks for the feedback!


Very well polished and fun game! Loved the ending!

Thank you so much!


Sooo cooool game :)

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it!


10/10 for the Ending

Thank you! I added that part in at the last minute, so I'm glad it all worked out in the end.


You made a great game, I beat the first boss :P


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!